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  • What is the balloon made from?
    The balloon, or envelope, is made out of rip-stop nylon, similar to that used in parachutes. The basket is made from handwoven wicker. Wicker is still the preferred material for baskets because it is both lightweight and durable.
  • What type of fuel is used for the balloon?
    Propane is the fuel of choice for hot air balloons.
  • I want to buy the balloon ride as a gift. Does Altitude Adventures offer gift certificates?
    Yes. Please check with us about gift certificates.
  • How big is your balloon?
    Our balloon's volume is 75,000 cubic feet and is about 70 feet tall.
  • How many people can the balloon carry?
    Depending on temperature, our balloon can typically carry the pilot and 2 or 3 passengers.
  • Are balloon pilots certified?
    All pilots are required to be certified by the FAA to fly a registered lighter than air aircraft. Pilots have to pass an FAA written exam, complete training with a certified instructor and pass a flight test with an FAA examiner. For a commercial pilot's certificate (to carry paying passengers), pilots are required have their private pilots certificate, take a more extensive FAA written exam, complete 10 hours of further training with a certified instructor and take a flight test with an FAA examiner on the commercial operations of a balloon.
  • What should I wear?
    For Flights: Required: Closed toed shoes. Recommended: Long pants and a hat. Other items dependent on weather. For Tethers: No requirements. Just be comfortable.
  • I have a medical condition. Can I fly?
    Talk to our team. We will try to accommodate any special needs.
  • Do I have to sign a waiver?
    Yes, insurance requires every passenger and crew to sign a waiver.
  • Why do balloons fly so early?
    You will notice when you book a flight that they are typically scheduled for early in the morning. Why is that? To put it simply, the weather is more reliable. Balloon flights are very weather dependent. Midday heating of of the earth from the sun creates higher winds, which are not ideal for flights.
  • Can you control where the balloon goes?
    Kind of. Every balloon flight is a unique experience. No flight is exactly like another. Based on the weather patterns and wind direction, our pilot chooses a launch spot and general flight plan for each journey.
  • How high does the balloon fly?
    Typically maximum altitude for flights are between 500-2000 ft above the ground.
  • Can I help set up and take down the balloon?
    Yes. We encourage participation. It is a fun part of the overall experience.
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